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The Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ is grounded in over 30 years of research and development and provides valuable insight into an individual’s level of hardiness and their ability to cope with stressful and unexpected situations.

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Research has documented the protective nature of hardiness - people who are higher in hardiness are less likely to experience the negative effects of stress on health and performance.

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Meet your HRG™ Master Trainer

Mylène Beauchamp

Mylène is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Alievo™. She is Alievo's lead Master Trainer for the Change Style Indicator® & Change Navigator® certification as well as for the the Influence Style Indicator™ certification and the Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ certification. She is also a Master Trainer for the EQ-i 2.0® | EQ 360® certification program and co-facilitates this certification program with Mélanie, our lead Master Trainer.

She oversees the integration of these assessment tools in Alievo's training and skills development initiatives.

Smaller is better!

We pride ourselves in the exceptional training experiences we deliver. This is why we choose to keep our HRG® cohorts at a max of 6 participants.

Course curriculum

A perfect balance of self paced learning and instructor led training

  • 1

    Welcome and congrats! (± 30 min)

    • Welcome to your HRG™ certification journey (± 3 min)

    • Meet your HRG™ Master Trainer (± 4 min)

    • What you can expect from this certification program (± 2 min)

    • The Hardiness Resilience Gauge® (± 2 min)

    • Important steps and tasks (± 5 min)

    • FAQ's (± 4 min)

    • Your full participation is required to obtain your certification (± 2 min)

    • A quick word on the final exam (± 2 min)

    • Your feedback is important to us (± 1 min)

    • Your feedback, before we close this chapter (± 3 min)

  • 2

    Milestone 1: Live the HRG™ experience (± 21 min)

    • What to expect from this milestone (± 1 min)

    • Consent & Confidentiality (± 2 min)

    • Completing your HRG™ assessment (± 15 min)

    • Your feedback on milestone 1 (± 3 min)

  • 3

    Milestone 2: Complete the HRG™ preparatory work (self-paced learning) (± 90 min)

    • What to expect from this milestone (± 2 min)

    • Download and review the Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ Facilitator guide (± 60 min) →

    • Module 1: Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (± 10 min)

    • Module 2: Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (± 13 min)

    • Your feedback on milestone 2 (± 3 min)

  • 4

    Milestone 3: Attend the instructor-led portion of the certification program (± 96 min)

    • What to expect from this milestone (± 2 min)

    • Friendly reminder (± 1 min)

    • Link to join the instructor-led session and additional details (± 90 min)

    • Your feedback on milestone 3 (± 3 min)

  • 5

    Milestone 4: Complete the final exam (± 65 min)

    • What to expect from this milestone

    • IMPORTANT - Information regarding your access to the exam

  • 6

    What's next?

    • Accessing your Talent Assessment Portal

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The HRG can assist in better understanding one’s generalized style of functioning that encompasses cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling), and behavioural (acting) qualities that are instrumental for predicting how resilient an individual will be.
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As an ICF Business Solutions Partner, Alievo™ offers ICF members a discount ranging from 10% to 20% off the purchase, at regular price, of one or more psychometric tool certification programs.

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Live Zoom session on April 20, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Eastern time). Pre-work will be launched 3 weeks ahead.

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We offer the option of One-on-One private offerings with Mylène Beauchamp, our HRG™ Master Trainer. Choose a date that is convenient for you to get your certification!